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Providing care to women of all ages

The vulval clinic has specific skills and multidisciplinary team to manage conditions of the vulva.

Annual Gynaecology Check

We offer an annual check up for every woman wanting peace of mind. This is a one-stop service and includes:

  • Consultation and pelvic examination with a Consultant Gynaecologist tailored to your individual needs
  • Cervical cytology (smear test), including HPV test
  • Ultrasound scan of the pelvis
  • Detailed written report e mailed to you
  • Explanation of results via a letter e mailed to you

The package is designed with pro-active healthcare in mind with an emphasis on detecting any condition at an early stage.

If you wish, there is the option of having extra screening including a mammogram, blood tests or a comprehensive sexual health screen. Please note these are at an extra cost.

Speak to us about the package that suits you.




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